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Hey There, Smooth Operator

Reduce Your Shaving Routine By Half With The Only

2-In-1 Razor Designed For Head Shavers, By Head Shavers

Serious question:

Who doesn’t want to look damn good in half that time?

It’s time to stop settling for one-sided razors that barely get the job done, even with countless tedious arm movements. Instead, get the best razor for men today with our patented product.

We designed our patented Halftime Razor to be everything a man needs in a head shaver with none of the extra efforts you don’t have time for.


  • Superior control
  • Combines all three shaving motions in one
  • Effective simplicity 

Our razor always rests comfortably on your middle finger, while your index and ring fingers give you unparalleled control of the blades for the perfect shave. In addition, our signature tilting motion ensures only one blade touches your skin at a time.

No awkward grip, no sudden slippage – guaranteed.

Why shave around in circles when you can get it all with one clean swoop? Our dual-headed razor lets you smoothly upstroke and downstroke while your middle finger is free to feel where you’re shaving so you can get it all. The perfect economy of motion in one razor: nothing compares.

PLUS: Both blades are padded with premium Aloe strips for convenience and comfort.

We get you in, out, and back to being your majestic bald self in less time than it takes to say, “Hey man, how’d you get your head so smooth?!”

Reduce Your Routine By Half Today


  • Comfortable one-finger grip for ease of use that’s versatile in supporting how you shave
  • Premium aloe strips for optimal convenience and comfort
  • Smooth consistent shaving

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