Halftime Razor 1 Pack

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One dual-headed 6 blade razor. New all-in-one body razor for Men. Ergonomically engineered for the perfect arm, chest, & head shave. Uniquely designed to fit all of the contours of your body & to reduce shaving time.

  • Designed For Arms, Head, Chest, & MoreHalftime Razor
  • Aloe Vera Strips
  • 1 Complete Multi-use Disposable Razor 


The GamePlan.

The Grip - Place pointer and ring fingers on the top of the arrows, on the back of the blade head. Place middle finger underneath the arch body. The Play with Upstroke & Downstroke - While using "The Grip" Lift the Pointer finger up, while applying slight pressure to the ring finger, and push back follow through with a full stroke. On the upstroke, reverse the method. Lift up the ring finger, while applying slight pressure to the pointer finger, and push forward. Follow through with a full stroke.




Designed For Your HEAD

Calling all guys with the baldy.  We feel your pain, trust us we understand what it is to be a bald guy.  Guys with hair shave once or twice a month. We shave multiple times a week!  And when you shave that often, we need to be in and out! Halftime Razors cuts down your shave time drastically! 





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