Earl- "Perfect For Bald Guys!"

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Attention VIP gentlemen, captains of industry other wise known as the selected men of Head Shave Club! We bare one common string, one common branch that conveys boldness, and sexiness. It is Baldness! (Maxim) Sing it to the mountain tops with pride!

And now clear your voices for a louder cry! Without further adieu, we present Earl The Electric Clipper by HeadShaveClub. 



Earl’s Capabilities & More!

  • Perfect for bald heads, beards, trimming, around ears. Great close cutting action without friction or burn (Please oil before every cut: Oil included!!)

  • Cordless connection capability and usb fast charging: Charge fast anytime anywhere

  • 240 minutes of run-time after a single 2hr charge 

  • The Earl is international, because of its global voltage which makes it ideal for travel

  • Earl has a smart led display that displays battery and speed level!

  • Low noise

  • Ergonomic Handle Design & Lightweight


What does Earl come with?

6 different guide combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)

1*Hair Trimmer


1*cleaning brush

Blade cover

1 Storage bag

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