Earl Electric Head Shaver With Zero Blade (Limited Time Discount)

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A “Simply Irresistible” Smooth & Sexy Trim

Listen up, fellow head shavers:

All clippers are NOT the same…

Some will leave your head so covered with stubble you’ll look and feel like a Chia pet while forcing you to dance around the bathroom mirror to get those crisp, clean edges.

(Hey, at the Head Shave Club, we don’t pull any punches -- we just tell it how it is!)

The Earl is different. These innovative clippers feature groundbreaking zero blade technology that gives you a barbershop quality head shave with zero effort required.


  • No complicated arm movements.
  • No leftover stubble.
  • Just an irresistibly smooth shave so good, it could only belong to a true Earl (a.k.a the sexiest man alive.)

Consider this your ticket to an elite society of dapper, well-groomed gentleman who refuse to let the mainstream obsession with hair loss, transplants, and cringe-worthy toupees stop them from living life as their best bald, sexy and proud selves.

These are the clippers any PROUD bald man would be confident to own.

(And if it’s your first-time head shave, we’d like to welcome you to the club with the best clippers money can buy!)


  • Friction-free shaving that’s gentle around your ears and looks as good as it feels.
  • Ultra-fast cordless USB charging gives you 4 hours of shaving after a single charge, so you never have to say, “Crap! My clippers are dead!” again.
  • 6 interchangeable comb settings, giving you a clean shave for every occasion.
  • Low noise and premium ergonomic lightweight design, so you can save arm day for the gym, not the bathroom.
  • Sleek carrying bags and global voltage adapters made for a true man of the world.

    Earl is a modern side-kick for the man who works hard, plays harder, and commands the attention of every room he enters without even saying a word.

    Earl doesn’t spend an hour in the mirror.

    Earl gets a crisp, clean shave that ladies love to rub in half the time.

    Aren’t you ready to be like Earl?



    What does Earl come with?

    6 different guide combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm)

    1*Hair Trimmer


    1*cleaning brush

    Blade cover

    1 Storage bag

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