Half Time Gel and Razor Combo

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Lather. Shave. Impress. Repeat.

Your Smoothest Shave Ever,

Delivered In One Convenient Box

Listen up, modern Head Shaver:

There’s no glory in shaving your head the old-fashioned way -- covered in stubble and irritating to the touch. Seriously, who wants to rub their hand over a Brillo pad? 

Our Halftime Razor and Gel Combo Pack is the suave smooth-headed man’s solution for a supremely touchable scalp that shines like a beacon of manhood anywhere you go.


  • Ultra-smooth shave gel
  • Game changing halftime razor

Just one 6oz tube of our profoundly hydrating product will make you realize why we have the shave gel and beard oil for men. This signature product keeps your precious scalp protected from irritations, seamlessly guiding your razor across your skin and leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and like a whole new man.

Not to brag, but our Halftime Razor is like a gift from the bald-headed Gods. With a comfortable one-finger grip that fits your hand and dual-headed upstroke, downstroke action, you’ll be out the door with a fast, smooth silk scalp.

Go ahead, let them admire it.


  • Optimally hydrates skin for desired shaving conditions
  • Comfortable one-finger grip for ease of use that’s versatile in supporting how you shave

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