Halftime Razor 2 Pack Head Shaver

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Double The Value, Double The Smooth

Reduce Your Shaving Routine By Half With The Only

2-In-1 Razor Pack Designed For Head Shavers, By Head Shavers

Ready to look damn good, in half the time?

We designed this “double or nothing” Half Time Razor deal to give you MORE than your money’s worth, every time you use it.

It’s everything you need in a head shaver, with none of the extra effort you don’t have time for.

How To Shave Your Head The Half Time Way…


Mighty One Finger Grip

Our razor is made to rest comfortably on your middle finger, while your index and ring fingers chill out on the conveniently labeled arrows. No awkward grip, no sudden slippage. Just sleek, smooth, Ninja-like shaving - guaranteed.


Dual Direction Razors

Why shave around in circles when you can get it all with one clean swoop? Our dual headed razor is made with both upstroke and downstroke blades padded with premium Aloe strips, so you never miss a single prickle.


...yep. That’s it. Simple, right?

Our Half Time Razor 2-pack delivers all the power of clean, smooth shave PLUS the kind of coin saving wisdom that would make your old man proud.

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